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PHONESCAN for Android Devices


Fuzzy or out-of-focus documents will not be accepted. Always view documents prior to sending.



Welcome to PhoneScan! This program allows drivers to use their smartphone for scanning and submitting their trip paperwork. You must follow these directions closely. Failure to do so may result in your payroll being delayed!

Phones that have a photo flash built in work best, but it’s not required. The flash allows you to obtain the best image when lighting is limited. If a flash is not available, make sure the surrounding lighting is bright.

The software required for the program is available for sale at the Google Play Store. The one time cost is $4.99. You can purchase the app by clicking the Install button at the end of these instructions. To be reimbursed for this expense, see the instructions at the end of the instructions.


Downloading the App

From your Android phone or Android tablet, click the Install button at the bottom of this page.


Setting up the App

Open the CamScanner app.

Click your Settings button.

Scroll Down to Enhance Mode and select “B&W”. Leave all other settings at their default setting. Any other setting in this screen may result in non-payment of trips!

Scanning your paperwork

Lay the paper flat on a dark table or desk. This will allow the auto sensing feature to determine the edges of your document.
Touch the New Batch icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Use the Flash button on the screen to turn on the Flash. Use the flash if your phone is equipped with one.
Be sure you have the ENTIRE document in the viewer. Touch the “Take Photo” button. If the photo is unacceptable, touch the Back button and re-take the picture.

When the photo comes up, you will see your document with some circles and lines trying to sense the corners of your paper. If these sensors don’t automatically see the corners of your document, use your finger to move the circles to the corners. If the photo is unacceptable, touch the Back button and re-take the picture.



Once the Corners are tight, click the check mark at the bottom right corner of the screen. The document will then square itself and create the black and white image the company needs. Touch the check mark again to save the document.
Once saved, a screen will appear that will show a small thumbnail of your first document. Touch the camera icon in the bottom left corner to add your 2nd document. Follow steps 3d – 3f above for the remaining documents.

Saving and Sending your Documents

From the Document preview page, you can re-arrange the order of your documents. Touch the Edit icon and touch the arrows on the right side of the image to move it up or down. Make sure the Trip report is at the top so it’s the first document in the pdf.

To save the document for tracking later, click the Edit icon in the lower right corner of the screen in the document preview screen. In the Title field at the top of the screen, enter the 7 digit trip number (all 7 required), a space, and your tractor number. This will help you remember which trip you are sending . Once you have entered the name, go back to the document preview screen.

Click on the PDF Review icon at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to check out each page of your batch. Make sure you can easily read each page! Enlarge the document for review. The conversion will degrade the documents slightly so it is important to review all documents.

If you find another document that needs to be added to the batch, go back to the preview screen and click the camera icon at the bottom left corner.

Once all documents have been scanned and reviewed, you are ready to send them to the company. Click on the Send button at the bottom of the preview screen.

From the send screen, touch Gmail.

In the email screen, enter the email address: . Once your documents have been approved, you will receive an email with the production email address. Add your 7 digit trip number and your 5 digit truck number (4 digits for owner/operators) (separated by a space) in the Subject line. DO NOT ADD anything else to the subject line!



Once the email has been delivered, return to the initial screen. You will see your trip listed on the front page. When you have been paid for the trip, you can delete these files.

To delete the batch of documents, touch and hold for 2 seconds on the main screen. Select Delete.

To be reimbursed for this expense, forward your purchase confirmation email to Enter your DRIVER CODE and your HOME ZIP CODE in the subject line.